Current State of Spring

In the light of social distancing because of Corvid-19 and because being outside is good for everyone, I took a walk this morning to check out how spring is progressing.  And I remembered to take my camera.

With the lengthening days the live oak trees are dropping the leaves they have held onto all winter long.  We have drifts of leaves under those large spreading trees.

The weeds that have been growing all winter long are even happier with the warmer weather.  The burr clover is trying to take over the world!

So many plants are starting to bloom!  There are azaleas,

Carolina jasmine,

flowering plum,

orange trees,

peach trees,

and the redbud trees.

The grasses are coming back after having been cut back in the fall.

Some of the fruit trees have already set fruit - the loquat, for example.

The rose bushes are adding new leaves after a quiet winter season.

And, of course, the June bugs are back.  We haven't gotten to the point of drifts of the dead bodies on our porches each morning but they have arrived.  I keep hoping that they will forget to emerge in the spring but it hasn't happened yet.

Have a great spring!