Coping with Social Distance

I spend most of my time on my property.  I have animals to feed and a selection of spinning wheels and floor looms so I always have lots to do.  I have a great music system out here in my studio and more channels of TV than I could ever hope to watch.  We have pretty solid phone lines and a mostly good connection to the outside world via the internet.  What more could I ask?

Well, here's the thing.  I love being at home on my little patch of heaven.  But usually it's a choice not a requirement.  Both my husband and I are in the high risk group for the coronavirus by virtue of our ages.  We are both in pretty good health but that doesn't mean we couldn't get very very sick or die from the virus.  So we are staying home.

I'm basically a pretty happy person.  Yes, I can get supremely pissed but mostly I'm in pretty good spirits.  And I have been for most of the last three weeks since we have stayed here on the property.  Up until the last couple of days.  No, I'm not depressed.  I just have no interest in doing all the things I love.  I have no motivation or creativity.  I come out to the studio and play games on my computer rather than accomplishing much of anything.

I've decided that those three days of ambivalence are enough.  Now it's time to get back at it.  I have bath towels and face cloths on my looms.  I have a new spinning wheel to play with.  And I'm tired of just marking time with Candy Crush.

I had a lovely chat with my daughter this morning.  Keeping in contact with family and friends is important.  I'm getting cheery emails every morning from Clara Parks via  Check it out.  Clara is a known and knowing knitter with several wonderful books out.  And she has a wonderful and quirky sense of humor.

Now I'm going back to my weaving!