Cool Mornings

Since our first freeze, a week ago, we have had morning temperatures in the 40's.  That's happy weather as far as I'm concerned.  Other than a day of clouds, our days have been bright and sunny but still cool.  I love this weather.  This could go on for months and I'd be happy.

What makes these mornings so nice, is proper clothing.  I have a great down sweater I got last January for our trip to Denver.  My nephew was getting married and we had the kind of wedding we can only dream of now in the time of Covid19. Ron and I and our two kids came from the Houston area, my sister came from the Detroit area.  Many others came from all across the midwest.  I think there were a couple of people from the east and west coasts.  It was wonderful.  And Denver in January required warm clothes. That's why I bought the down sweater. 

Don't know what a down sweater is? Let me explain.  It's a lightweight down jacket that doesn't have the kind of outer protective skin that a heavier jacket does.  My down sweater is warm but it is thin nylon that could easily get caught on something sharp and tear. They are meant to be worn under a heavier skinned outer garment, often under a really warm jacket when you want to be comfortable down to really cold temperatures or under a rain parka when it's not that cold. We have only mildly cool temperatures so I wear mine without anything over it.  And I'm careful not to tear it.

I also have my qiviut hat and Thinsulate lined leather gloves. I've had both the hat and gloves for 15 years or so.  I use them every winter but our winters aren't all that long. Dressed up like this, I can happily feed all the animals and keep toasty warm in the cool mornings.