Coming Up for Air

It's been quite a month.  Since we last talked, Peggy and I spent a wonderful week in Oxford, MS at the Oxford Fiber Arts Festival, Ron and I kept our granddaughters for a three day weekend, my husband Ron had a knee replacement, Sadie the dog spent four days at the spa, Ron has been working hard on his physical therapy, I shopped the linen sale at the Lone Star Loom Room, Sadie had a great annual checkup with our vet and I'm slowly getting the studio back in shape so I can get some actual work done. Like I said, it's been quite a month.  A very full month.

The Oxford Fiber Festival was a hoot.  We had our favorite kind of drive over and back - completely uneventful!  The weather was wonderful - cold and sunny - and the show was a success.  We saw old friends and made some new ones.  We taught a weaving class at Knit 1 Oxford, our favorite out of town yarn shop, with a stunning group of ladies who were all creative and lots of fun.  We had fun with Patsy Engelhard, the owner of Knit 1 and one of my oldest friends.

As our grandkids get older we are slowly figuring out how to manage a weekend so it's fun for them and for us and we all get some sleep.  This time we put the girls in separate rooms to sleep and it made all the difference.  We had a great time, thoroughly enjoyed the girls and their mommy and daddy had a fun weekend on their own.

Ron's knee replacement went well.  I wish the hospital was closer to home but the drive wasn't bad.  He has been working hard on his physical therapy but it's a process. Sadie spent four days at the kennel while Ron was in the hospital.  I didn't want to have to worry about being here to let her out on a schedule and they love her at the Four Oaks Puppy Club.

Tracy Kaestner of the Lone Star Loom Room has yarn sales once a year.  There is a cotton sale, a cottolin sale and a linen sale.  I love them all but this week was a favorite of mine - the linen sale.  I picked up more linen yarn in several different weights including some wonderful yarn by Claudia Hand Painted Yarns for the next run of linen face cloths.  I also finally figured out how I want to make my linen bath towels.  I bought several linen bath towels from Voxbo Linens in Sweden and I'm going to try to weave something similar.  I want to get started on them right away but have several other projects that are next in line.  And weaving off what I have on my looms now needs to happen before anything else.

I've been cleaning out the studio as I try to get all the inventory and new supplies put away.  We will have several new used items on the website.  I'll let you know as they are added.  We also just received this year's box of kitchen towels from our friend Charlene Schurch.  Charlene is an amazing weaver and we are so proud to sell her towels.  The count is over 60 so they will be added to the website as quickly as I can get pictures taken.

And what else has happened?  Oh, yeah.  I got stung by a wasp and my wrist is still swollen.  And the wind knocked down my OPEN sign and split it evenly into two pieces. I'm really trying to enhance my calm.  We've had some great cooler weather and with or without rain I'm happier with more normal temperatures.  Seventy degrees is great but not in January or February.

I'm going to try and get outside with my camera while the geese are flying over. Hopefully I can get a video and post it.