Cleaning Out

A couple of weekends ago, Peggy came out to the studio and we worked on cleaning out the loft.  Over the months I wasn't able to climb those stairs, various people helped out by taking things up to the loft for me.  The choice of what went up there was mine but not always made with a totally clear head.  Random Ziplock bags of our inventory of dyed commercial yarn and/or hand spun yarn ended up there.  Also tubs freshly back from whatever show that hadn't been emptied or even evaluated got taken upstairs.  I thank all the friends and family who helped but it had gotten very crowded up there. 

That doesn't even take into account all the various odd stuff that had accumulated up there over the years.  Display equipment we don't use anymore.  Various photographic equipment like tripods and screens that I bought only to discover my images are better and easier without them.  Piles of blue jean clothing and old t-shirts intended to be cut into strips for rag rugs that I don't think I'll get to soon.... or maybe at all.  You get the idea.  It was your favorite attic space full of crap.

But also non-crap.  Hence the need to sort it all out.  Over the years I had put much of my personal stash of yarn in plastic bags up there also.  This was yarn I had bought with purpose but so long ago I couldn't really remember the purpose. 


Peggy spent all day Sunday before last, running up and down the stairs.  She brought down anything that we weren't sure needed to be up there.  She left that afternoon exhausted but having filled up the front porch with various stuff we didn't want and having filled up the studio with piles of things I needed to go through.  I've been working on those piles since.

I have been brutal in my approach to yarn I haven't seen in years.  Some of it was acquired with the intent to sell at reduced prices.  Much of it I intended to use but realize that isn't likely to happen.  I have reduced four tall kitchen garbage bags full of my personal yarn to a small mound that I will keep.  All the rest of it has been tagged at prices ranging from $1 to $10 and will go in the sale bins in our booth at Kid 'n Ewe in November.  Be sure to look for it!  It includes Habu and ShiBui yarn, hand spun and hand dyed yarn, cotton, wool, silk, mohair, possum from New Zealand and hand dyed yarn from The Netherlands.  There are cones and bobbins and skeins and cakes and partial skeins and kits.  Be sure to stop by our booth at the show's new venue in Kerrville, TX.  As we get closer to the November dates I will add more information.  See you there!