Christmas Wreath

I have decided it's finally time to take down my Christmas wreath.  Of course, bowing to the pressure from my wonderful husband, all the wreaths on the doors of the house and the door to his office are long gone.  I think they all landed in the burn pile by the second week in January.

But the wreath on the front door of my studio has been hanging there all this time.  I love the smell of the balsam and I lean into the wreath for a full breath of the smell every time I go in and out the door.  The wreath has been a glorious rusty orange color for months now but the smell has been warm and wonderful.  I really enjoyed it during our big freeze back in February.  That was a time of worry and stress on top of the ongoing pandemic and the wonderful smell helped me to get through it with a smile on my face. Now only 6 months till I get to order the next one!