Christmas Wreath

The Christmas tree has been taken down and stored till next year.  The lights have come down off all the buildings and the decorations have been put away.  Now that we are almost through with January and Valentine's Day is getting closer, I feel the need to admit that the Christmas wreath I put up on the door to the studio back in December is still there.  And I intend for it to be there until the only thing left is the bare branches.

This wreath, like the others that adorned the doors to my house for Christmas, was made from fresh balsam by the people at LL Bean up in Maine.  I love the balsam smell.  It makes my heart sing anytime I smell it.  Now that we have an artificial Christmas tree, I have had to augment my Christmas smells with balsam sawdust and with these wonderful wreaths.

I may be willing to take the wreath down when I can replace it with blooming lavender.  Substituting one favorite smell for another may work to get me moving forward into the next season.  I've already checked with our nearest lavender farm that's just 30 miles from here in Weimer, TX.  They expect the spring bloom to start by the end of March and will be open regular hours after Easter.  I've never been to a lavender farm before and I'm really looking forward to it.