Christmas Ideas - Let's Try This Again

Sometimes the vagaries of formating escape me.  The blog looked fine on the website with lots of little pictures.  When it was sent out as an email, all the little pictures were blown up to large size with very few pixels.  Let's try this again with full size images...

We know that sometimes it's very hard to find the perfect gift for someone you love.  It can be especially hard if that person is a spinner or weaver and you as the husband or wife or daughter or son have only a very slight understanding of what spinning and weaving are, much less what your favorite spinner or weaver wants and needs.

Here are some great suggestions, and we do free shipping and there is still time so now might be a great time to act!

For the weaver who uses a rigid heddle loom like this 

we have some great kits that include both warp and weft yarn for a nice scarf.  Look for Kit 'n Caboodle under the Gifts category on the website.  Just $35 for a great kit!  

For a small hand woven gift, how about a linen face cloth with a bar of handmade goat's

milk soap?  At $30 it's the perfect hostess gift and is just as appreciated by men for it's scrubbing power as by women for it perfect exfoliation.

Scarves are always appreciated and we have a range of them from warm and fuzzy wool or sleek and stylish silk, tencel or cotton.


For the person who uses natural dyes, we have 4 ounce or 1 pound bags of dried marigolds from my garden.  These flowers were fertilized with llama poo from my llamas and never treated with pesticides.  

For weavers we have shuttles and bobbins..


 along with a great bobbin winder or a ball winder for yarn.


or a seam ripper


or lots of other small tools for your talented and creative love.

How about a shawl?  We have hand woven ones  


or ones using handspun yarn.


We have hand knitted shawls with beads  


or without.


We have spindles  



We have spinning wheels on hand.


If you are looking for a floor loom, Schacht has a great deal going right now.  Order the standard floor loom between now and January 31st and they will throw in the weaving bench for free.  No, the loom won't arrive by Christmas but we can make up a lovely card to be opened on Christmas morning.

Still unsure?  There is always a Gift Card.  


We have them in a variety of dollar amounts from $10 and up.

Lots of ideas!  Call us with questions and we can help you pick the perfect gift!