The Christmas season has finally arrived at my house.  That doesn't happen until the tree is up and the wreaths have arrived.  We put the tree up early, the week before Thanksgiving, because this year it just needed to be up early.


The wreaths just arrived, well most of them have.  I'm sure the largest of them, the one that goes on the front door of the house, will be along soon.  The air is now filled with the balsam fragrance of Maine. Having moved away from watering the tree and tons of dropped needles to an artificial and pre-lit tree was a good move but I miss the smell. Maybe when it's time to throw this wreath onto the burn pile, I can also throw away the Covid19 rules posted on the door under the wreath.  I hope so.

My little pre-lit tree, the one that's been lit up in the studio since last Christmas, has finally died.  The tree still stands but the lights have stopped working. It still has pride of place out here, at least for this year.  Then I will throw it away and hopefully all the bad things that happened in 2020 will also go away.

This year Christmas will be very different than in years past but exactly how different remains to be seen.  We hope to have the Houston area family get together.  Or Ron and I may sit on the back porch and watch our kids and grandkids open packages through the windows. I want Christmas to be like it has always been but I'm willing to make changes so that all of us can make it into 2021 safe and healthy.