Black Friday Sale Ends Soon

Like so many other vendors, we took our normal Black Friday to Cyber Monday sale and extended it. It started Monday November 16th and will end at midnight this coming Sunday, December 13th. That's four weeks of fun and frolic with all hand made finished goods along with all our books on sale at 20% off.  Lots of you have taken advantage of this great price on our scarves, shawls, linen face cloths and most spectacularly, our kitchen towels. Peggy and I are going to have to get weaving over the winter to increase our stock of kitchen towels!

Don't let this slip away! We picked this Sunday as the end date of this sale because we thought it was a logical estimate of when we could be certain your packages would arrive by Christmas. In these crazy times, there is no guarantee but it's been working very well so far.

Check out all the wonders we have available!  We have lots of fabulous things that would be perfect to finish off your Christmas shopping.