Black Friday through Cyber Monday Sale

This is the best time to shop for Christmas!  Starting on Friday morning, Nov 23rd through Monday night Nov. 26th most everything we have on the website is 15% off.  You can't beat that! 

All our finished goods including kitchen towels, shawls and scarves will be 15% off.  All our yarn, both hand dyed commercial yarn as well as hand spun yarn will be 15% off.  All our small tools and small looms including the Cricket loom and all its attachments will be 15% off.  All books and videos, all hand cream, all fiber will be 15% off.

And just for this Christmas season we are adding a Spinner's Treat - One ounce each of 8 different fibers for the perfect fiber tasting.  I'll post a picture in the next day or so.  Here is what will be in each Treat package:

Gotland wool

19 micron Merino wool

CVM x Wensleydale wool

BFL wool

Polwarth wool/Silk blend

Superwash Merino wool

Raw white cotton

Flax roving

All these fibers are naturally colored or hand dyed by us.  All this fiber fun for only $25.

Just use the coupon code BLACKFRIDAY15% when you checkout to receive your 15% savings.

Note - the 15% savings will not apply to floor looms or spinning wheels, rugs or classes.