Being Sick

I am just starting to re-enter the world after being sick all this week.  Sometime on Monday I started feeling punky.  By Tuesday morning it was clear I was sick.  Wednesday was worse.  Thursday wasn't any worse but it wasn't any better either.  By Friday I decided I needed some intervention.

I have lived in this body long enough to know how it gets sick.  I haven't figured everything out about my body but that's for a different blog.  This wasn't the flu because I was carrying on normal conversations, sitting up and still eating.  I did double check with my daughter, the nurse, to make sure my self diagnosis was correct and she agreed.  But this was clearly not a cold.  Not even just a bad cold.  My cough had settled in my chest and when it gets to the point you have to hold your midsection when you cough then it's time to get some attention.

Ron drove me over to the Urgent Care facility in Columbus on Friday afternoon.  It's hard to argue with a 20 minute drive to see a doctor.  There is always annoying paperwork but that isn't unexpected.  The doctor agreed it was not the flu and certainly more than a cold.  It's so nice when the people with the medical degrees agree with me.  She was concerned with my cough.  Bacterial bronchitis rather than anything viral, she decided.  So I left with a derriere full of antibiotics and steroids and a hand full of prescriptions.

We stopped at the Columbus Pharmacy to fill the prescriptions.  It's a fairly new establishment we had never shopped at before.  Yesterday was Sleep Awareness Day so they had a huge teddy bear in pj's on a bed as you walked in the store.   And all the employees were wearing jammies, too.  It was unbelievably cute even in my state of feeling like crap.  They were wonderful, even calling the Urgent Care facility to double check on my prescriptions.  They paid enough attention to the details that I will certainly shop there again. It's really nice when the pharmacist comes out and finds you in the store to discuss your meds.

After the shot and the other meds I felt wonderful last night.  Today I'm trying to get back to that level of feeling good.  Not quite there yet but the cough suppressant is working so I'm not concerned about coughing up my lungs.  I'm sure all the meds are working in concert to cure me.  The only truly depressing thing about all this is having me listed as "Elder Care" on the prescriptions.  I know.  I am old.  Not like this should be a shock but isn't 70 this year's 40?