Ashland Joy Spinning Wheel for Sale

Our friend Crys Keiser has decided to cull her heard of spinning wheels and all of her wheels are wonderful. This is an Ashford Joy that needs to go to a good home.

The Joy comes with it's backpack style case which truly is easy to manipulate. It's easy to get the wheel in and out of the case and it's easy to hoist this up on your back or carry it with one arm. Also included is the orifice hook and three bobbins along with the onboard lazy kate.

Crys is asking $750. She would rather not ship the wheel but will happily meet the buyer anywhere within 1.5 hours of San Antonio, Texas.

This is a great deal. I have owned two Ashford Joys over the years and regretted selling both of them. I'm not doing enough spinning to justify any more than the three wheels I already own, otherwise, I would be interested.

Crys assures me that this wheel spins beautifully, just like the ones I owned.

Please contact Crys with questions and to buy this wheel. Here is the contact information you need:

Crys Keiser
Spinning Hamster Productions