And Now For Something Completely Different...

I have made several videos over the last few years, 11 by actual count.  None of them have any voice over.  They are all just the natural sounds of the wind or the wood chipper or the backhoe.  I have always known that everyone else's voice sounds perfectly fine when it's recorded except mine which sounds other-worldly somehow.  It sort of limits what you might want to video if you aren't willing to say anything.

We have had some computer issues recently so I have had several conversations with Shane Birley of Left Right Minds.  Shane and his partner Allyson are the ones who developed our website.  Shane is our go-to IT person when I can't figure out what's wrong.  Shane was astounded that I wasn't doing videos and told me he could fix my YouTube video embedding issue if I would just do a video for him to work with.  Well, crap.  OK.  So I did a video.

It turns out that my video wasn't terrible.  I sound slightly breathless from fear but it's sort of OK.  Now I have learned the rules of embedding a video in a blog (it works great) and in an email (it doesn't work at all).  I'm still working on adding the logo and title to the thumbnail image but things are getting more fluid and more efficient.

The subject of my video is linen.  It's one of my favorite fibers to spin, weave and wear so it seemed like a logical starting point.  Now let's see if I can get this thing to work.  If you are reading my blog on the website, please click on the arrow to watch the video.