Alicia & Friends Holiday Shop

If you are interested in supporting small businesses in this totally weird fall leading up to what will probably be a totally weird Christmas, after a totally weird summer and a totally weird spring, I have an option for you.  Take a look at the Alicia & Friends Holiday Shop on FaceBook. 

Full disclosure here, Alicia is my daughter-in-law and we are happy to be one of her vendors.  Alicia sells Beauty Counter cosmetics and skin care products. She has put together a short list of vendors that she really loves.  And it's a delightfully mixed bag.  We have wine and cookies, pajamas, cooking equipment and supplies that are gluten and nut free. There are little girl dresses and beautiful soaps, essential oils and great kids books.  Did I mention the cookies?

Go to the FaceBook page and you can read each vendors introduction.  We will each be having specials throughout the gift buying season so check it out!