After the rain?

That's when you get horrible humidity and a new and voracious crop of mosquitoes. But having said that, I'm really happy for the rain. Here's how it looks at my house.

Some of the plants look wonderful. The pecan trees are full of pecans. I'm sure I heard them breathing a sigh of relief when the rain started.

Some of the plants are even full of blooms. Always a cheery sight.

Some of the plants have struggled and we aren't sure if they will survive or not like this boxwood.

And some are clearly dead like the dwarf yaupon and my sunflowers.

Here is a very interesting visual. On the left is a huge shrub that did not survive the heat and drought. It's so dry that the branches will crack if you lean on them - they shatter. Next to the right in the back is our huge pine tree. It's doing great. In front of the pine is a spindly little peach tree that we hope will live until the spring. Then there is a huge crepe myrtle full of lovely red blooms. It's happy. And finally on the far right is our loquat tree which is madly putting out new leaves now that it's had a good drink of water.

All things considered, I think we did pretty well with the unusually high heat and no rain for months and months. I hope the rain will keep coming.... but we really don't need the 25" of rain we had during Harvey. No hurricanes please. Just nice soft reasonable rain. Is that too much to ask?