A Yurt

I have wanted a yurt ever since I got to see one in person.  It was up in Maine, the store portion of a mini-carding mill operated by friends of my friend, Nancy Whitbeck.  It's called Friends' Folly Farm in Monmouth and is owned and operated by Marcia Marron and Pogo Pogovek.  They are both quirky and wonderful and have stunning "yarn in a yurt." I fell in love with their yurt.

When I got back from Maine, I checked online and found out I could get myself a yurt, even get it all set up, for much less than building a new building.  If I was to have a yurt for our store it would need power, heat, air conditioning, water, bathrooms and a kitchen.  Plus the yurt doesn't sit on the ground so you need a deck at least large enough to hold the yurt but probably large enough to also have a large porch. How cool would that be?

A new store, which is what the yurt would be, is a large undertaking and probably will never be.  As I get older, I am more cautious of jumping into new projects that would require a lot of work. But just the mention of a yurt gets my heart a flutter.

Enter Karlee and Jordan.  They live in a yurt outside of Austin, TX and were looking for a source for the fleeces they needed to insulate their yurt.  I was tickled to be a part of their adventure.

I had a significant pile of fleeces here, both llama and mohair from my goats. Traditionally, the Mongols use sheep fleeces to felt into their insulating layers and Kaylee and Jordan were trying to be as authentic as they could.  Would my llama and mohair work?  Karlee did the research and decided they would work fine so we did a deal.  Most of my fleeces for what Karlee and Jordan could afford to spend.


Karlee and Jordan arrived with a van to pick up the fleeces.  Once we had the fleeces piled up and ready to go, I was concerned it might not be enough fiber.  I had decided to hold back several fleeces I really wanted to spin but we dumped them into the van as well. I can't wait to see how the insulation process goes. They promised to send pictures.