A Report from Pedy

I haven't been writing much these days but fortunately, our intrepid cat reporter Pedy has been on the job.  Take it away, Pedy....

Pedi Reporting      

Hello, this is Pedi your news analyst reporting from our ranch in Colorado County.

Things have been changing around the ranch recently.  First, our visiting Snow Geese seem to have left.  We have not heard them making noise in the fields nearby for about a week now.  Sometimes I’d sneak under the fence to watch them and see if I could catch one.  But they were so awfully big.  No more of that for now as the goats say they probably left for their home back up north for the summer.

The guys who plant things for the ranchers came here last week and cleaned up most of the dead plants from last year.  I guess they are getting ready to plant some new things soon.  None too soon!  There are really not many places left to hide, I really miss all those ferns.

This winter it has been cold a lot at night with us cats looking for a warm place to sleep for the evening.  Personally, I like sleeping on the stack of hay bales in the barn.  Those nights the ranchers worry about the water freezing in the pipes and breaking them.  If that happens, they get angry and more workers arrive to get in our way.

We are also getting a few trees and bushes with flowers on them.  Very pretty, but it is only a few.

All-in-all, I think that the evidence is that spring may be on the way at the ranch

This is your reporter Pedi signing off from northern Colorado County.