A New Dog on the Loom

I have talked about dogs on looms before. If you have a project that languishes on the loom for overly long, it may be a dog on the loom. Or if every time you walk by you are horrified by the colors or the pattern you chose, it's likely a dog on the loom. 

My dog fits both of those descriptions. It's been on the loom for months and months, years maybe? I'm not sure. And every time I walk by I'm horrified by the pattern that's not symmetrical. I love the colors but switching colors every 6 picks? Nope. I hate that. I got tired of trying to convince myself to just sit down and weave it off. I never could. So now it's well and truly off the loom.

Some suggest that to release the time and energy trapped in this unfinished project you should burn it in a bonfire under the full moon while you dance around it naked in the moonlight. Nope. That's just not happening. For several reasons. The next full moon will be on or around August 11th which is too long to wait. And we are under a burn ban so I can't light a bonfire anyway. And then there is the naked thing. We live out in the boonies so me dancing around naked in the dark, even under a full moon, wouldn't be seen by anyone. But the snakes are really bad this year so doing anything after dark out of doors without clothing is not going to be safe.

So my dog is now in the trash and I am free to move forward with another project.