A Great Triangle Loom Package for Sale - SOLD

The loom package has sold!  

Our friend, Abby Van Hoeven, has decided to let her triangle loom go.  She is a talented spinner, knitter and weaver but for now the spinning and knitting have taken center stage.

Abby's triangle loom package includes a 7' loom in maple and the easel stand in oak from Carol Leigh's Hillcreek Fiber Studio along with the shed sticks, wooden weaving needles and small pick.  It's the whole ball of wax in triangle weaving.  Carol Leigh's looms are furniture quality both in looks and in construction.  Abby's package is gently used but in nearly perfect condition.  Abby says she would rather not have to ship the package so if you are within hailing distance and want to learn how to weave on a triangle loom, this is the package for you!

The price of the triangle loom package is $250 which is a great deal.  New this same package would cost you just over $550.  If you insist on shipping, you will pay all shipping expenses.

You can contact Abby at craftsofadragon@gmail.com if you are interested.