New Fiber Blend

I got an email from Shari McKelvey early last week.  Shari is the owner and also the heart and soul of Morro Fleece Works in Morro Bay, California.  She does great work and I always recommend her to anyone who has fine fleeces to process.  Shari said she was sending back the most recent batch of our fiber.  It had been washed and blended and carded into pencil roving as I had asked.  Wait!  I have fiber coming back?  How cool is that!?!

I had totally forgotten.  Shari apologized for taking so long that I forgot about the order but I had to laugh.  I checked my records and it had only been three months since I sent it to her.  Three months in the standard turn around time for having fleeces processed.  We are always thrilled when fiber arrives back here in less time than that.  I told her that rather than being upset I was old and forgetful.  And I know why I forgot.  I was so focused on the extra long nearly black CVM cross fleeces we sent up to Zeilinger's to be combed and the not quite so long nearly black CVM cross fleeces we had sent to Shari that I somehow lost track of the non-CVM fleeces we had sent her.

Sure enough, this week the fiber arrived.  It's a blend of mohair from my goats Parker and Orion, llama from my Tucker and a CVM fleece from Dawn DeFreece in Wyoming.  Dawn is another person I always recommend.  She has wonderful fleeces!  This blend is different individual animals and CVM instead of Ramboulette but the blend is very nearly Shiraz.  I hesitate to give it the same name, however.  It's a beautiful honey brown color similar to Shiraz but we already have quite a bit of that color fiber here.  We may just dye it.  It would be wonderful.