The Rowdy Art Girls

Last Thursday was an absolute hoot!  The Rowdy Art Girls were here for a weaving class on the Cricket loom.  They are a great group of ladies who live out in this general area.  I had the fortune to meet one of them, Debby, at the Ladies Night Out event in Columbus back in December.  Debby thought coming out here to the studio would be a fun day for her group.  The group has a wonderful organization.  They meet once a month and the ladies take turns being the hostess.  February was Debby's month.  The hostess picks an activity or location for her meeting and organizes the day.  They have done all sorts of different activities.  What a cool way to learn all sorts of interesting and disparate things!

If I figured this out correctly, there were five members of the group and three guests here in the studio on Thursday.  Debby was the only one there who had ever woven on a Cricket loom before, having come by here on Roc Day back in January and bought one.  She was a huge help in answering questions and keeping the day moving forward.

I wanted the day to be pretty easy so decided to warp the looms ahead of time.  Debby rounded up color choices from all the ladies and I got the warping done. We had a blast! 

One of the things I find most fascinating about teaching groups like this is the degree to which every weaver has a very different color pallet.  Paige went right for the black, red and fuchsia while Wilma stayed with white, cream, rust and grey.  Agnes worked in blues and teal and Cami found every purple yarn in the bin.  Everyone did a great job and went home with a scarf they can be proud of!

Debby was trying out some ideas to help use up her stash of yarn.  That's one of the great things about the Cricket loom.  It gets your creative juices flowing!