What colors!

We have a great and talented friend named Charlene Schurch.  I have talked about Charlene before.  She comes from a knitting background.  She is well known for her sock knitting books but she also has books on knitting mittens and hats.  I counted eight books on Amazon just now.  That's pretty impressive.  We met Charlene at the January Spin-In in Destin, FL a couple of years back and we are so happy we did!


Over the last few years, Charlene has stepped away from knitting and jumped into weaving is a big way.  We are so pleased she has consented for us to carry her hand woven kitchen towels and scarves. 

And this year, for the first time, we are carrying some of her hand spun yarn. 

All of this bounty is currently sitting in piles all over the studio.  All the towels and scarves have been packed and unpacked a couple of times and picked up and loved on by the wonderful group that is our West Side Weavers.  We didn't get to Destin this year so our friend Cheryl McWilliams was kind enough to bring us back two big tubs of Charlene's work.  We met for our West Side Weavers meeting at Cheryl's house right after the Spin-In and the tubs were waiting for me when I got there.  We spent the entire meeting going through Charlene's creations.  It was wonderful!

Now my job is to get all the towels and scarves ironed and photographed so they can go up on our website.  All the yarn has been washed as needed and will also get tagged and photographed for the website.  It's a big job but worth all the effort.  Charlene's work is stunning and she has a different eye than either Peggy or I do so she picks different colors and textures and patterns.  It wouldn't be much fun if her stuff looked just like ours.

Look for new additions to the website over the next several weeks.  I'll let you know how I'm doing.