Inventory - Finished!

I don't think I really understand the point of inventory.  I realize we have to pay sales tax on what we've sold and counting every little widget helps in that process.  At least I guess it does.  And I understand that anything we had in inventory that we used ourselves or gave away needs to be accounted for so we can pay use tax on it's value.  And doing this counting at the beginning of the year sort of makes sense - we can start off the new year knowing exactly where we are.  So here I sit counting every bag of fiber, every kitchen towel, every skein of hand dyed or hand spun yarn, every book and, yes, every widget.

What's really funny about inventory is that while I don't really understand it, I love the process.  I'm a form filler outer at heart so having my inventory sheet from last year and comparing what I can count this year makes my heart sing.  Right up until I want to scream and tear my hair out.  We had 12 of these at the beginning of last year.  Then we sold 3 so we should have 9 left, right?  But we have 8 left so we must have used one.  But what if I count 16?  Did we add10 of them and use 6 or did we add 20 and use 16?  Or have I not found that other rogue box that has 4 of these hidden away?  I love to figure these things out.  Except that it can take hours and hours and hours.

Karen Henson is our bookkeeper and she says I am obsessing about the entire operation.  An accurate estimate is perfectly fine.  Peggy rolls her eyes and suggests that I'm obsessing about the entire operation and I should make it quick and easy not unending and difficult.  I'm beginning to think that obsessing really is my middle name.

But I'm finished!  I know exactly how many widgets we have - and there are a lot of widgets since my Excel spreadsheet includes just over 400 line entries.  Well, not quite that many because that number includes the blank lines between categories.  So maybe 350 entries.  Counted, tallied, adjusted, and touched.  Yes, I have touched every single thing we have for sale.  That is kind of cool even if just a bit obsessive.

Yes, I'm finished!  Karen will come out here and collect all our data and once she gets everything in shape will pass it on Cindy Saha who will do our taxes.  In the meantime I will pay our sales tax tomorrow and be completely square with the great state of Texas for another three months.

Tomorrow let's talk about the great dye day we had out here on Sunday!  It's much more colorful!