It's an Ugly Day Outside

It's been raining for the last four hours. Not hard or angry, just a nice female rain but it's about 40 degrees so it's chilly.  I think it will probably come to an end soon because I can see blue sky to the west.  It's possible that another pulse of cold rain that will follow this one but I choose to believe the rain will stop soon.

I've been trying to get back to my loom for several days now.  Peggy reminded me we hadn't done inventory yet so I've been working on that along with putting everything away after Roc Day.  I have a love-hate thing with inventory.  I love filling out forms so that aspect attracts me.  But the entire process requires counting everything - even the things that are piled up high in the loft or buried back in the back of the closet.  It's pretty much a pain in the rear.  But, I'm getting close to being finished.

I've taken the blue kitchen towels off the loom.  They have been surged and washed and are ready to be hemmed.  I really like them.  They are bouncier than my normal kitchen towels because the warp was a knitting cotton rather than a weaving yarn.  They should be spectacularly absorbent.

I finally finished the warp that was on Peggy's loom.  These are more kitchen towels but with yet again a totally different hand.  I used regular cottolin for the warp and Peaches & Cream bulky crochet cotton for the weft.  I expect these will also be very absorbent.

Now that I've finished weaving this round of kitchen towels, I'm putting a new and much shorter than normal warp on my loom.  It's only 6 yards long which is half the length I usually do but this is for a very different project than kitchen towels. 

Part of the fabric will be for the 2016 Swap Swatch.  Our theme this year is 10/2 cotton.  We can weave anything in any color but we can only use 10/2 cotton.  This is pretty thin yarn!  It's thinner than I've ever worked with although not nearly as thin as many of my weaver friends work with regularly.

Notice that I haven't gotten very many heddles threaded yet and notice how wide this fabric will be!  It's at the outer limit of my loom's abilities.  It's going to be wonderful.  I won't say any more because this fabric is also something I'm making for Peggy.