Ames & Emes

If you are looking for some great wall art - for display either inside or outside - check out Ames & Emes on Instagram.  Here is my important disclaimer - this is my daughter-in-law Alicia Nelson - but I think you will love what she does as much as I do.  If you follow this blog, you're already seen some of her work.

Alicia has always been creative.  Well, at least as long as I've known her. You would only have to look at her home for it to be obvious.  One of the things that really attracts me to her work is that her eye is so different than mine.  She uses materials and colors and textures in ways I would never have thought of and makes wonderful pieces.

I love wreaths for Christmas but just as much for any time of year.  Alicia uses leaves and branches and other found objects to decorate her home made wreaths to make works of art.  The downside for her was a long involved battle with poison ivy after collecting arm loads of grape vines from her dad's place out in the country.  My son is terribly allergic to poison ivy and it turns out Alicia is too.

We bought Alicia an electric brad nailer for Christmas.  She makes a lot of frames for her pieces and it seemed like the perfect gift.  We really do want her to keep creating.

You can contact Alicia at or on her Instagram page. Enjoy!