I had the perfect plan for today.  Yes, the shop is open but it's still the perfect day to vacuum and dust.  Twenty minutes tops and I could spend the rest of the day finishing up my kitchen towels.  If I sit down at the loom (or at both looms but not at the same time) I could get all of them done by tomorrow.  Easy peasy.

To do a great job of vacuuming I really need to move the looms out of the way just a bit to get all the fluff from underneath.  Oh, wait!  I could move this loom over here.  Then I would need to move the big spinning wheel to this side...then this loom could go here... then the other spinning wheel can go here.  But what about all the bins of fiber?  Yes, I can scatter them about rather having them all in one corner...  You get the idea.

Four hours later I am finally sitting at my loom and weaving.  The dusting got done; the vacuuming is finished and the place looks great!  Until I decide to rearrange the furniture again.