The Time for Small Changes

The wind is howling outside and the rain comes in fits and starts.  We haven't had the heavy deluge they are predicting for tomorrow night and Monday morning but you can feel a distinct change in the weather approaching.  The animals are also watching the skies and making sure they can get to a shelter with only a moment's notice.  It was 80 degrees and heavy overcast for Christmas yesterday - not the Christmas weather I grew up with in the Chicago area.  No frost on the pumpkins, no snow on the ground, no chill in the air but the warmth of family and friends was glowing regardless of what was happening outside.  We had a great Christmas.

Changes are happening here in the studio also.  Perhaps not the significant changes of the approaching cold front but changes none the less.  This is the time of year to take a look at what we have here and decide if changes are warranted.  Ha!  Changes are almost always warranted.

What do we have here that we don't really use and we could pass along to someone else?  What needs to be upgraded or eliminated?  What new additions would make our life easier - either here in the studio or at shows?  As I said, not as significant as that cold front racing towards us that should drop the temperature of 30 degrees but definitely changes.

I have a wonderful husband, Ron, and two great children who have married wonderful people that I adore.  Thank you to all of them for my great Christmas additions!   Ron bought us a new coffee maker that will do single cups and also a carafe at a single time.  It's great that our customers and friends won't have to drink whatever coffee I have made for myself when they come over.  Decaf?  Sure!  Hot tea or hot chocolate?  Sure!  We are now fully prepared.

We are always looking for display items that we can use either here in the studio or at shows.  I tossed that idea out as a possibility to my kids for Christmas.  And boy-o-boy, did they deliver!  

We have a new board to hang on our wall or on our gridwalls at a show that's covered with hooks and clothespins!


We have an old ladder that has hooks and door handles up and down the sides.  It's light weight and folds together so it's perfect for shows!



We have a great adaptable and changeable rack on a lazy susan base for towels of whatever else we want to show off!

Our three small steps have been brightly painted and decorated!


The studio just keeps getting better and better.  Come see us at Roc Day on Sunday January 10th from 10 am to 4 pm - or any Friday, Saturday or Sunday through January 24th.