Contemporary Handweavers of Houston Fall Sale

Guild House is the classroom space for the Contemporary Handweavers of Houston. Contemporary Handweavers of Houston (CHH) is a non-profit educational organization dedicated to promoting interest in handweaving, spinning and related textile arts through teaching, hosting workshops, demonstrations and study groups.

Guild House is now at 2327 Commerce, Houston, Texas. Guild House is usually open Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays from 10-4.

Sometimes, no matter how you plan, no matter how hard you work or how many people you have helping you, you get kicked in the butt by nature.  Wonderful spinners and weavers worked hard on their items, got them finished and inventoried and delivered to the Guild House for the sale.  Creative people staged the Guild House to show off those wonderful items to their best advantage.  And it was a spectacular vision of wonderfulness!  Then Mother Nature parted the heavens and it started to rain.  And it rained and it rained and it rained.

Check in was last Tuesday which went really well.  I was in and out of there with both Peggy's and my inventory in no time at all.  Wednesday was set up.  I wasn't involved in that part of the show so I don't know how quickly it all came together but it looked fantastic.  They had a great turnout on Thursday and a bit less on Friday.  Peggy and I worked the Show on Saturday afternoon before the final closing at 5 pm.  We talked to some wonderful and appreciative people while we were there.  It's always a boost when a complete stranger tells you how much they love what you do and everyone who came out on Saturday had something great to say about something in the sale.  But, by that time the rain had started in earnest.  I was pleased that we got into downtown and back out again without being impacted by all the rising water.  Yes, it was raining hard on the drive home but we were fine. 

Unfortunately, with all the powers that be telling everyone to stay home and hunker down and wait out the storm it was hard to expect people to show up to our sale in droves.  There were oh so many treasures left un-purchased.  There is a corner in the Guild House that we use to display hand made items for sale.  Most of the space is used for teaching and meetings but that corner always has something wonderful.  Now that the storm has passed and the sun is back, try to make a trip down to the Guild House.  Much of what was there for the Fall Sale has gone back home but some wonderful things are there still.