Blackland Prairie Artisan Fiber Faire

We had a great time at the Blackland Prairie show last week!  This was our first year to vend at this show which is held in Denison, TX - north of Dallas and just a whisper south of Oklahoma.  Like so many fiber festivals, this one is set up in a building originally designed for animals - here is was an arena.  The dirt in the center of the arena had been compacted so walking across was easy and the dust wasn't nearly as big an issue as it might have been.  We were set up on the cement apron towards the front of the building. 

Mary Berry and her crew were great to work with!  Everyone was helpful and seemed to be having a great time.  There were people there to help us load and unload as needed; they had a great kitchen with cold water, coffee and snacks for the vendors but there were also food vendors outside the building with great food and drinks for lunch for everyone.  Mary had obviously done a great job advertising the event.  I was initially concerned because the venue is very much off the road and you pretty much have to know its there to find the show.  I needn't have worried.  We had a continuous stream of people coming and going.  It wasn't packed at any point but we had good sales.

The drive up to Denison was easy; the weather was great; the door prizes were set up to benefit a worthy local charity and the entire thing was a lot of fun.  All in all a great use of a weekend and well worth the drive.