Must Weave Faster!

For the last four months I have been working very hard to get all our inventory up on our website.  Shawls, hand dyed commercial yarns, tools, looms and most recently hand spun yarn.  But things have changed.  Last night I got an email from Peggy Friedrichs who is one of the great people in charge of our weaving guild's fall sale.  My list of items for the sale needs to be entered by October 5th so my inventory tags can be mailed to me before the sale.

The sale is scheduled for October 22nd through the 24th.  This year it will be in our new Guild House for the Contemporary Handweavers of Houston which is located at 2327 Commerce, Houston, TX 77002.  The Guild House space is wonderful although its a fair drive for me - about 80 miles to the far side of downtown Houston. 

I have warps on four looms so if I sit down and weave (and weave and weave and weave) I'll know what items I'll have for the sale.

Somehow, I knew the sale was coming up but it's still two months away.... It's still six weeks away....It's still a month away.  I have plenty of time till then.  But then I got Peggy's email and realized I really do need to get going.  No more time to work on hand spun yarn or anything else up on the website.  I need to get weaving!

Must weave faster...must weave faster...must weave faster...