Dye Day Results

Yesterday was a great dye day. It wasn't perfect because that would require a high for the day of about 65 degrees rather than the 93 degrees we had.  But we had a pretty darned productive day.

We have some new yarns coming out so we were excited to see how they would take the dye.  If they had been horrible they would never see the website and we would sell them at a deep discount at one of our upcoming shows.  But no worries here.  The 3/2 organic warp twist cotton looked spectacular.  This is one of those yarns that will work just as well for weaving as it will for knitting.  It may show up as the over-shot yarn in a hand woven towel or as a shop sample of a great knitted scarf.

The cotton/rayon blends, Penelope and Monte Carlo, turned out totally stunning so those will be on the website as soon as they are re-skeined, tagged and photographed.  We also dyed some more of our lace weight yarns - Alpaca Lace and Swiss Lace.  Look for new colors there also.

We unearthed some undyed Australia, a yarn we thought we were completely out of.  Australia is a soft worsted weight wool that takes they dye beautifully so it should appear on the website soon.  We also dyed more of our Goddess Sport, a very popular organic Merino yarn.

I have one more batch of cotton yarn soaking in water.  The dye process for cotton yarns requires salt and we ran out of it yesterday.  We used up all my husband's Kosher and sea salt in order to do what we did yesterday.  This morning I was at the store replacing what we swiped from the pantry and stocking up on more regular salt to finish what's here.  Now it's off to the dye studio.....