Back in the Store!

I love being here in my studio and the storefront for Sky Loom Weavers.  The calm is particularly appreciated after the last couple of weeks.  We've had lots of fun but we don't generally do shows on consecutive weekends during the summer.  Whew! It's been hot.  Here's how it went...

The first annual Houston Fiber Fest, July 17th and 18th, was a hoot!  The facilities at the Berry Center in Cypress, TX are wonderful.  It's always a plus to have excellent air conditioning but we also had great bathrooms, abundant parking, lots of tables for sitting and knitting and more attendees than we expected.  We didn't have any food or more important to me, any coffee but we all adapted admirably.  Because of the way the concession stand rules work at this venue, the people in charge of the show would have had to guarantee a specific minimum number of dollars spent.  It's no big surprise that they were hesitant to do that on their first show.  I'm sure they were afraid when the doors opened on Friday it would just be us vendors.  They didn't need to be concerned.  I don't know if they actually hit 1000 attendees but it was close.  The turnout was wonderful and everyone seemed delighted to be there.  The dates have been set for 2016 and I'm confident we will have great food available and lots of coffee, too.


The 9th Annual Fiber Christmas in July, July 24th and 25th, was equally wonderful although totally different.  While we could sleep in our own beds for the Houston show, Fiber Christmas is in Kellyville, OK.  That's an eight hour drive and an hotel room is required.  This show is at the Creek County Fairgrounds so it's a bit more rustic.  We don't have animals at this show but there is plenty of space at the fairgrounds if the people in charge ever wanted to add them into the mix.  There is air conditioning, if a bit inconsistent, a concession stand with great food, good parking and also wonderful attendees but with the county fairgrounds vibe. 



We did a small set up at both shows which made it easier on our backs and knees and meant we didn't have to pull the trailer up to Oklahoma.  I miss not having everything we have for sale with us but I can't argue with how much easier the small set up is. 

So I'm sitting here in the calm today.  There are still a few things to be put away but most everything has been unpacked.  I'm busy trying to get everything up onto our new website.  Isn't it great?    Even though the heat is oppressive, we have lots of dyeing to do.  We declared a company policy a few years back that we would never dye on a day with a heat advisory in force.  Mostly we have lived by that rule.  I'm hoping the heat wave will break soon.  When it does we will let you know our dye schedule so you can come out and help or observe as you like.