2018 Tour de Fleece Recap

This year the Tour de France was held on July 7th to July 29th.  And every year spinners around the world tune up their spinning wheels and spin for the 22 days that those crazy men are riding their bicycles all over France.  Some spinners do it while watching the coverage of the Tour de France on TV.  Most of us just enjoy the challenge of spinning for 22 days. 

I have always enjoyed spinning during the Tour de France - our very own Tour de Fleece - but I'm not terribly consistent.  The Tour de France is a grueling race and spinning each of those 22 days is a challenge.  I love to spin and do it often but not generally 22 days running.  Much as I make an effort for the Tour de Fleece, I have never followed through to the end.  Two years ago I managed to spin all but one day of the ride.  I almost made it that far this year.

One reason I did so well this year is because my broken ankle enjoyed the regular measured exercise of spinning on my double treadle wheel.  I did more spinning this year than I usually do and I broadened my definition of spinning to include weaving. 

Peggy and I taught a Cricket loom weaving class at our local knitting group (KNOW group within the Knit At Night Guild here in the Houston area) back when I was still confined to a wheelchair.  I had warped up 10 Cricket looms with 60" scarves so everyone who was at all interested would be able to try weaving.  Most everyone in attendance did just that.  We had a great turn out and great participation.  At the end I was left with 10 small looms all partially woven.  I chose to include weaving off those scarves as part of the spinning/fiber challenge of the Tour de Fleece.

It's now been months since the Tour de Fleece ended so I am tardy in showing off my accomplishments.  The scarves have all been washed and look beautiful.

The yarn, which included 11 skeins spun from art batts created by our friends the Batt Ladies - Mary of Butterfly Girl and Sally of Yorkie Slave Designs.  My yarn was all washed and then handed to Peggy to be reskeined and measured.  I just now got them back from her so I can show you what I managed to do.

I'm very pleased with my output.  This is not like Spinzilla where you are supposed to go for quantity so need to measure the yardage to see how you rank.  The Tour de Fleece is much more about spinning every day and challenging yourself to spin better, with more consistency and to try new things.

I'm already looking forward to the Tour de Fleece next year!