Cleaning Up

We all waffle a little.  Peggy is the most organized person I know.  She does charts and spreadsheets and knows what is going on in all areas of her job.  She packs our trailer just exactly the way she wants it done.  She always puts the finished touches on our booth because she is so good at it.  She is amazing except for the odd time when she isn't.  I think I'm sort of the opposite.  I'm generally not terribly organized as the baseline of my existence but it doesn't take too much clutter to make me feel slightly claustrophobic and I jump in and get things picked up and put away.  And organized.

Our dye studio is generally dirty and dusty.  As in dirt that gets tracked into the shed and dust that is deposited by the wind. The shed has a roof and walls but no doors.

It means we have great air movement that keeps it fairly cool but we have great air movement that brings in all manner of things.  If we haven't been out there in a couple of weeks or more, the place begins to look pretty trashy.  Dust, dirt, bugs, the occasional snake, sometimes dirty pots that were forgotten and left unwashed that end up moldy or slimy, cats of various sorts either mine or the odd stray, not to mention the various clutter of unfinished projects like fleeces only partially picked.  Every so often the dye shed needs a good cleaning.  I gave that cleaning a half heated start a couple of weeks ago when we were dyeing fiber and really jumped on it  last weekend.  We had West Side Weavers coming out for our Indigo dye day and I wanted it orderly.

Dye bottles got washed, counters were scrubbed,

pots were washed,

cabinets were cleaned out, dye bottles organized

and all the natural dye stuff was sorted, categorized and stored in nice new plastic tubs.

Eureka! Clean at last.