Pictures ...finally!

So we have finally tweaked the blog so that I can upload pictures.  Of course, what that really means is I tweaked the way I was trying to upload so the image editor and I could actually communicate.  Software programs are so picky!

Here is the new studio.  The photo was taken this past spring when the building was just finished and before the horrible drought turned all the grass brown and I was frantically watering our trees.  We have been moving in, moving out and re-arranging ever since.  It's still not perfect... but I keep adding more equipment.  It's a little bit late to add 5' (or maybe 10') to the overall dimensions, I guess.

I've been busily cleaning up for the Roc Day celebration on Sunday afternoon.  I moved all the fleeces out to the barn to get them off the studio porch.  Egads!  It's quite a pile of fiber when it's all lumped together.  After asking for a skirting table for Christmas and not getting one, I ordered one online.  It should be here later this week so picking all the fleeces and deciding what will be blended with what should go quicker.