Spring is really here!

After all our cold and dreary winter, I think sping is finally here.  I'm feeding the animals in the morning with only a sweatshirt rather than a warm jacket to keep me warm and am down to my jeans and t-shirt by the evening feeding.  Even the plants seem to agree.  The Buckeye is blooming as well as the Pansies and the roses.

The Lamb's Ear is coming back and will be ready to dye with later this spring.  It makes a wonderful warm, pale beige.  The Azalia buds are just starting to open.  There will be a riot of color soon all along the front of my house.



I know that the coming of spring means that the long hot summer can't be for behind, but it's OK with me.  I will complain about the heat but spring is magical and summer brings it's own rewards.  Like more dye plants ready to harvest.