We have baskets!

If you go to fiber festivals you have probably seen these wonderful baskets. They are hand woven by local craftsmen in the African country to Ghana using sustainably harvested grasses and locally raised goats. They are a fair trade item so our prices should be the same as you would find anywhere else.

The baskets have beautifully reinforced handles and grips of smooth leather so they should last and last. We have bought quite a few of them over the years for our own use and finally figured out where to get them so we can offer them for sale.
Many of them come in the natural color of the grasses but the colorful ones are stunning. And they appeal to weavers because the patterns range from very simple to very complex. What an inspiration to have sitting next the loom!
My smallest basket hold thrums from my weaving projects, the medium and large ones are perfect for a knitting project and the extra large ones are wonderful for display of all your hand spun yarn. We just found the fancy baskets recently. They are bell shaped or have “wings” on the top edge… fun and different and definitely fancy.
All the baskets in the photo above are now on our website!