Is it spring yet?

I think it may be spring.  We could still have some cold days but the temperatures have been in the 70's during the day and the 40's at night for the last couple of weeks.  It's not quite warm enough to plant cotton yet, or citrus trees, but that time is coming soon.

I love winter.  I'm not sure that Peggy would agree but I was raised in the north and really appreciate cold days and sweaters and long-johns and wool and down jackets and hot cider.  What I don't like much anymore is winter percipitation.  Nice dry snow is pretty wonderful but sleet and freezing rain and rain at any temperature below about 50 degrees gets me anxious.  Anxious for the animals and especially anxious about driving.  It's just been too many years since I did much driving in winter conditions.  After the broken pipes of last winter's freezing temperatures we were a bit better prepared this year but it never got cold enough to be a problem.  No broken or frozen pipes and all the animals froliced in the cool weather.

I hate summer.  At least I hate the central Texas version of summer.  Hot, dry and humid are not my favorite things.  I'm not very enthusiastic about hurricanes either.  I do love my roses and all the fun dye plants we grow here and we do need summer for those.

Spring and fall are my favorite.  Spring because everything turns green and flowers pop out everywhere and the bluebonnets are glorious.  And fall because the heat of summer is finally gone and we can gets lots of work done in the dye studio and winter is coming.

Today is great.  Some clouds in the sky but plenty of sunshine, a cool breeze and 70 degrees.  Eclipse, our oldest pony, got his allergy shots this week and I wormed all the ponies this morning.  We ran fecals on the llamas, alpacas and goats a couple of weeks ago and they are all clear.  Yea!  Guys from our electric co-op have been by this morning to check all our electric poles.  I'm running into town to buy a bag of cement to plant our new Purple Martin house.

Yup.  I think it's spring.