We have been vendors at two very different shows in the last couple of weeks.  CHT, the Contemporary Handweavers of Texas, is the umbrella organization that includes all the local weaving guilds in the state of Texas.  Every two years the 20 or so guilds meet for a conference that includes half day to several days long workshops, a juried fashion show, a juried exhibit of member's creations, baskets of goodies raffled off, luncheons, dinners, a keynote address by a nationally known weaver and a large vendor hall.  SWIC, the Spinners and Weavers of Imperial Calcashou Parish, Louisiana, meet annually at the Catholic Retreat in Moss Bluff, Lousiana for a long weekend of spinning and chatting and laughing.  There are no classes or workshops, no schedule.  The spinners and vendors are all in a comfortable sized room with lots of windows.  We sit and spin until we are needed in our booth.  The room is open all day and all night for anyone who wants to spin.  We eat our meals together in the cafeteria and sleep in clean and comfortable but sparsely furnished room with no TV or phone.  At CHT we stayed in the Hilton Hotel in College Station with a TV and telephone and internet access.

Both these get-togethers are fun with great people and pretty good food.  Just very different.  We like both of them.