Hokett Would Work

Jim Hokett is a master craftsman with wood, a creative woodworker who produces wonderful things.  His wife, Cat Brysch, is a master weaver who like most of us wants only the best and most useful tools.  It's obviously a match made in heaven.

Bowls and shuttles, seam rippers and key chains, benches and carrying tubes, squirrel cages and saddle racks - all beautifully made and lovely to look at.

We got to know Jim and Cat at several fiber festivals and you couldn't find any nicer people.  We always loved their work and had bought a fair number of Jim's tools and some wonderful cloth from Cat when we got talking about what shows we were getting ready to do.  We do several shows that Jim and Cat do not and Jim suggested that we might want to carry some of their products.  Of course, we were thrilled at the suggestion!

I hope to get some of Jim's products on our website soon.  Updating the website is not my best thing but I will try to get it done soon.

The niddy noddies are a Sky Loom Weavers exclusive we are very pleased about.  They don't fold to fit in a suitcase but are much better and more secure for it.  Elegant and sleek and strong and beautiful.

From now on we will have tools, boxes, bowls, niddy noddies and other tools with us at all our shows.