Lots of Rain

We have had almost 4 inches of rain in the last three days.  It's a wonderful thing.  We are still 25 inches of rain behind where we should be but our current rain bodes well for hay in the spring and early summer.

We had a new roof put on our house last fall.  Actually, we had a lot of work done, work that was needed when we moved out here in 2005 but had been diligently put off until now.  Ron's office has been gutted.  Gone are the horrible purple walls, the tacky dirty carpet and the cabinets and shelves that sagged and looked dingy and old.  The front porch and back deck of the house have been re-done.  No more nails popping up and snagging shoes or socks.  No more tripping over loose boards or pealing paint.  It's all good. 

The new roof is red metal and matches the roof on the studio.  I love it.  Our first experience with a metal roof came when we bought our first house about 30 years ago in Tulsa, OK.  It was a small one story house with a roof made up of aluminum shingles which locked together.  It was a nice roof and didn't leak during the 4 or 5 years we lived there.  I doubt if they even make that kind of roof anymore.  Our new roof is long panels of corrugated metal...

that was installed right over the top of our red composition shingles.

I think the finished product looks like the old composition shingles must have when they were bright and new.  Of course, the metal will last much longer and look better longer than the composition.

But getting back to the rain... We've had some wind since we put on the new roof.  And we've had some rain since we put on the new roof.  But this last few days have given us more rain and more wind, more storm than we've seen since the roof when up.  It's sort of the test - leaks?  Nope.  Creaking metal panels?  Nope.  Anything coming loose?  Nope.

So the rain has been wonderful on lots of levels.  We need the moisture and while it hasn't gotten us our of our drought it has been encouraging for hay this coming year.  The rain has come in the spring not in the winter where I always worry about the animals when it's a really cold rain.  And it's tested our new roof and found no problems.

Oh, yeah.  It makes a great day to sit in the studio and listen to the music of the rain on the metal roof and weave away.