Staying Home

Sometimes the only rational, reasonable, logical thing to do is to stay home.  Sometimes the signs are written in the sky or in the weather warning emails arriving every few minutes.  This morning was a perfect example.  We had strong winds all day yesterday from the southeast blowing lots of Gulf moisture toward the cool front headed in our direction.  The wind finally stopped and the rain began.  We had over 2" of rain late last night and early this morning.  They were talking about possible hail, flash floods and torrential downpours as the strong line of storms marched to the east.  I woke up to lightening, thunder and driving rain.

What I had on the schedule for today was a trip into Houston to meet with the West Side Spinners at Rosemary Malbin's house.  West Side Spinners meets once a month at a member's house for a day of spinning, show-n-tell, encouragement and laughter.  I love this meeting.  I love these people and don't give the meeting a pass unless something truly significant comes up.  I feel the same way about the West Side Weavers which also meets once a month and has the same format and most of the same people.

So I get up this morning to horrible weather and the threat of it getting worse.  And I only had a few hours of sleep last night.  For some reason I just couldn't fall asleep.  It doesn't happen often but does occasionally.  Really bad weather and three hours of sleep.  Hummmm.  Let's see.  Yes, staying home makes the most sense.  Turns out most of the group had the same feeling.  Rosemary said only Kate and Connie were coming so I'm not the only wuss.

Now it's afternoon and the rain has stopped.  The sky has lightened some but is still overcast.  I've gotten the animals fed and I'm in the studio weaving away.  It is the best thing to do in bad weather.