Happy Mother's Day!

We celebrated Mother's Day yesterday because my kids have other mothers to visit today.  It was great!  They built me a huge salad bar for lunch and we had fun playing with my grandchildren.  Max is finally walking on his own but is still faster on his hands and knees so Mommy and Daddy remind him to walk rather than crawl.  He is still a little unsteady on two feet but it will only be moments before he is completely off his knees.  Amilia is as funny and charming and adorable as a 4 month old can be.  It was all great.

Add to yesterday's fun  the fact that my wonderful husband Ron replaced my screen door this morning....

I'm not sure how it happened to come off the door frame, but  it was held on by only very short screws.   Ron patched a hole in the screening that I made last year and put it up with much longer screws.  It should stay securely attached now.

Luis came out today to work on mowing our very shaggy grass.  He also weeded out the horribly overgrown garden bins so I can get to my planting.

Here are the nice clean bins and I've already planted cotton.  Three kinds of cotton, actually.  Erlene's Green, Sea Island Brown and Mississippi Brown.  I still have lots of raw white Pima cotton from last year so this year it's just the colored varieties.

There should be sprouts visible in another week or so.  And with all the weeds gone, you can actually see the marigolds.

The garden bin with my madder is the only one that doesn't need attention this spring.  Madder is an invasive plant and would take over the world if I had planted it in an open field.  We will dig up the roots later this summer and hopefully will get wonderful Orange reds.

So I'm enjoying my Mother's Day out in the studio with my looms.  Hope you are all having a great day too!