Four New Shawls

I've been having a great time weaving on my 7' triangle loom recently.  Like all of the weaving and spinning fun I have, it comes in fits and starts.  After focusing on weaving curtain material on the floor loom for quite a while and not touching my tri loom, it seemed like the thing to do.

Atlantis is on the left.  It's mostly hand spun yarn which came from fiber we dyed.  There is also a bit of commercial yarn running horizontally.  Next to Atlantis is The Naturals - Colors.  Colors is all hand spun and includes yarn dyed with indigo, madder and pomegranate.  It includes both plain weave and twill structures.  Next is The Naturals - Cappuccino.  The grey color is from used coffee grounds with a pinch of iron while the yellow is from marigold flowers and the gold is from Osage orange sawdust.  On the right is The Naturals - Hopscotch.  It has a little of the coffee dyed yarn used in Cappuccino but most of the wool is natural colored - right off the sheep.

The Naturals is a line of shawls perfect for the re-enactor - completely hand spun and hand woven using only natural historic dyes.