Screened in Porch

When I designed the studio, I decided to have the front porch screened in and leave the side porches open.  I can't blame the decision on anyone but myself.  My husband and I talked over all the the features of the studio and Peggy and I talked about what we needed but ultimately I made all the decisions.  Yesterday when Peggy and I were talking to Richard Baron, the contractor who built the studio, she said she never could figure out why I only wanted half the porch screened in.  Unfortunately, I've slept since that decision was made and I have no idea what I was thinking.  Suffice it to say I've made better decisions in my time.  This one wasn't catastrophic but it wasn't the best either.

The second slightly more catastrophic decision was to put up a single clothesline along the side of one of the open porches.  Nothing encourages birds to come and visit and leave you presents like a nice white cotton rope suspended under the eave but with full view of the yard.  So they came.  Three years of birds visiting and leaving me little presents.  Yuck.

So I called Richard and asked him to come by and measure the side porches for new screens.  He is a talented builder and has done lots of work for me over the years.  He built a total of 5 horse, llama and goat shelters, finished the inside of my unfinished barn, built some shelves for me in the house, added a cement floor to our dye studio and most notably built my wonderful studio.  Because he's good, he's busy, so I was really pleased to get him out here so quickly.  And he is currently in that odd pause when his other jobs are on hold for some reason.  With luck he can get my screens in quickly.  We will also need a new screen door.  The opening is a full 4 feet wide and Richard knows the perfect artistic craftsman to build a specialty over sized screen door for me.  I'm just hoping that craftsman is also in an odd pause in his normally overwhelmingly busy schedule.

Richard took his measurements on Sat and plans to pick up materials on Mon so he will be out here and ready to work either Mon afternoon or Tues morning.  I certainly don't want him putting up screens over all that bird poop.  This afternoon I got out the power washed and with some help from my wonderful husband, got both side porches cleaned off.  You can't eat off the floors or anything but most of the bird poop is gone along with the various dead bugs and mud-daubers. 

I can't wait for that new or at least newly usable space!