Ken Ledbetter

We see Ken Ledbetter regularly at several fiber festivals.  We have bought tools from him at the Taos Wool Market in Taos, NM on several occasions and he has one of the most popular booths at the Yellow Rose Fiber Festival in Seguin, TX.  I have two of his spindles that come with two extra shafts ...

one larger spindle, one Russian support spindle and a wonderful ceramic bowl with a choice of wooden base to sit on the table or a post you can grip between your legs or settle behind your belt.

I love all the spindles but the tools I have been using most recently are the thin line boat shuttles.  These shuttles are not as tall as regulation shuttles so they will work nicely in a much smaller shed or close to the end of the warp.  They are beautifully finished, nicely shaped and feel wonderful in your hand.

Because these shuttles are so much shorter in height, the bobbins must be trimmed in height as well.  Fortunately, Ken handles this.  I think I bought eight of them when I picked up two shuttles from him this spring.  The shuttles don't hold as much yarn so having extras seems like a good idea to me.

I'm not the only one who is excited and pleased with Ken Ledbetter's tools.  Spin-Off ran an article about him in this latest issue - Summer 2012, pages 22-23.  Check out the article and be sure to look for Ken at your next fiber festival.  You won't be disappointed.