Goat Liberation Day

Today is Goat Liberation Day!  All of my goats have been liberated in some way.  I collected fecal samples this morning from the two newest goats, Fly and Fitz, and ran them up to the vet's office for testing.  Negative!  Yes!  That is the perfect answer.  These little guys have been here a month of so and have been treated several times for parasites.   Now that they are parasite free it was time for them to run with the big guys.

Andy has been recuperating from his surgery which didn't actually give us an answer to the lesions in his groin area as we had hoped.  He was in the barn by himself after his surgery until last week when he had the sutures and drain removed.  He still had another week of penicillin shots but could run with his goat buddies.  The pens by the barn are difficult to mow so they tend to get long.  We decided to leave Andy in the barn/pens but put Chaucer and Shakespeare in there too to help get the grass eaten down.  The goats did their job very well.  By today we had finished with Andy's shots and the grass was well eaten down.  Time to let the three oldest goats go back out with all the others.

Bernadette has been on baby sitting duty since the other old goats were off eating grass in the pens.  She got saddled with keeping an eye on Orion and the "p's" - Parker, Piper and Paxton.  She gave me dirty looks every time I went up to feed them.  "Let me out of here" or something of that vein.

I'm sure she is curling her lip in disgust for the baby sitting.  Some goats are just not cut out for it.

Piper, Parker, Paxton and Orion are all happy to be liberated from Bernie's watchful eye.  I think all ten of the goats were happy to be out and running around.

When I went out to feed the ponies this evening, Fly and Fitz were standing in the pen they have been confined to since they arrived here, and were whining for dinner.  All the other goats get fed just once a day but the littlest of the goats have been getting fed twice a day.  As soon as I stopped to consider how I could feed them off by themselves, the other goats got wind of what I was thinking and came running.  In the end I walked Fly and Fitz into the barn and fed them in a stall.  They will stay there over night and I'll let them out in the morning to run with the big crowd.