New Loom

We are happy and proud to be authorized dealers of Schacht Spindle Company products. We carry, teach with and use many Schacht products including Cricket looms, spindles, shuttles and spinning wheels. Both Peggy and I have a several Schacht spinning wheels. We each have a Matchless and a Ladybug and Peggy owns but I have possession of a Schacht Reeves wheel. We can go on and on about how much we love these products because we really love these products. They are well made and easy to use while they maintain infinite adaptability and versatility. However, with the exception of a very short stint with a small Wolf Pup loom, up until last spring, neither of us owned a Schacht floor loom.

Peggy found a great deal on a used 46” Schacht jack loom that we picked up around Easter. It came like a lot of used looms come – with all sorts of other loom related equipment and supplies. She got the bench, extra heddles, stick shuttles, boat shuttles, weaving books and magazines and a selection of yarn. I think there may have been a warping board in there too. It’s amazing how much stuff tends to accumulate when you are a weaver which means there is a huge pile of stuff to get rid of if your interests move in a different direction.

I owned a small Schacht Wolf Pup loom for a while a couple of years back. The Pup is a great workshop loom which is exactly what I bought it for. It weighs in at about 38 pounds so it can be picked up and put in the trunk of your car or in the back seat of your truck by one person.  Like all Schacht products it was well made but had some limitations for what I ultimately wanted. The maximum weaving width is 18” which isn’t wide enough for me to do kitchen towels on. It also was a direct tie-up so if you wanted to have two harnesses lifted up you had to push down on two treadles. Schacht’s new Wolf Pup LT has the ability to tie up the treadles just like any of the larger jack looms, which is a great improvement.

My latest loom is the Schacht Baby Wolf. It has the full eight harnesses, sectional back beam and second back beam for supplementary warps. It arrived yesterday mostly put together but I’ve been working on getting it ready to weave on ever since. The heddles had to be installed on the harnesses, the sectional back beam required a drill and some wood glue in order to put it together and the front apron bar had to be tied on. I bought the high castle shelf for a convenient place to put shuttles, bobbins, a pair of scissors, etc.

I think this will be a perfect addition to the studio and is a perfect example for our customers to see Schacht looms at their best.  I'm picking up some more cottolin tomorrow and will get this baby warped up and ready to go.  I'm really pleased and totally excited.