Roses, Marigolds and Cotton

It's a lovely cool, overcast and breezy day.  The wind is out of the north for the first time in weeks and the humidity is dropping.  It's a great October day.  I think all the plants are breathing a sigh of relief.  The roses are back in bloom.

After being on hiatus through the hottest part of the summer, the cotton is blooming again.  I continue to pick cotton too and it should last until we get really cold weather.

This year's marigolds didn't do very well.  We lost quite a few plants early in the summer and I had enough other things going on that I didn't get back in there quickly and plant more.  They do look pretty wonderful right now, however.  I picked quite a few and they are in the oven on the lowest temperature drying out.  I love dyeing with marigolds - the whole process is wonderful - the smell, the color, just everything.

I realize we will get more hot days but today is such a nice relief.